Real Public Relations - A cost effective PR agency based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Real PR is an independent Public Relations (PR) agency providing senior level advice and experience at competitive rates.

We pride ourselves in our ability to get to the heart of what our clients want to achieve. Using newspapers, magazines, radio, television, events, online, video or through social media we have decades of experience in choosing the right tools, identifying stories and delivering effective communication. 

Creativity, knowledge and hard work underpin all of our campaigns, strategy development and training. If you need to engage with consumers, businesses (B2B), stakeholders or your internal audience we will help you find the best way to capture their attention and deliver results

Our blue chip client list and impressive client retention record is evidence of our no nonsense approach to public relations.  

Find out how Real PR can deliver for you.

Real PR have been shortlisted for two CIPR Scotland Pride Awards.
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Measuring behaviour has never been cheaper. Find out how measuring what matters can improve your PR
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Case Studies
We are proud of the work we do at Real PR. Interested in finding out more? Be our guest
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Scottish Support
Need to make more of an impact North of the border? We offer Scottish specific support
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Free Comms Audit
Are your communications on target? Find out with a free confidential audit from Real PR
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Consultation and the web have changed planning forever. Real PR can help...
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